Catfishing Videos


Catfish Videos

New Outdoor Oklahoma show.
Outdoor Oklahoma Part #1 TV Show on Keystone Bluecat fishing on ODWC's Outdoor Oklahoma with Jeff Boxrucker
Outdoor Oklahoma Part #2, Aired April 22nd 2007
Good Day Tulsa #1 with Keith Taylor, Catfishing on Keystone Lake with Tiny, 6.1 meg
Good Day Tulsa #2 with Keith Taylor, Catfishing on Keystone Lake with Tiny, 19 meg
I've also done a segment with Gaylen Culver on channel 4 in OKC "Is this a Great State or What?" You have to click the link and then play the video on
Thrownet, castnet video. This video shows how to throw a thrownet or castnet. Mpeg format Thrownet Video 10 meg
Another Thrownet video in WMV format. Thrownet Video 1meg. Thrownet video in WMV format. Thrownet Video
These next two videos show me actually catching shad below Keystone Dam. Catching shad #1 Video - Catching shad #2 Video
These videos are of different long distance casting techniques. Swinging Unitech is the cast I used below Keystone dam where there wasn't much room. Tornado was the cast I used to cast in casting competitions. Pendulum is the standard cast used by most people in casting competitions.
Video that shows how to make wire legged sinkers that are for use in rocky areas to prevent the sinker from hanging up in the rocks. WireLeg Sinker
This video shows how to make Sinker Sacrificers. I came up with these one night while fishing so that I could throw with heavy line and when it hit the water it'd switch over to light line. Sinker Sacrificer
This video shows how to tie the sinker sacrificer Sacrificer Rig

Cutting the fish's Gills Video

Night video of fish filleting and info.Fish Filleting 102.5 and 3/4 Windows Media Player format .wmv extenstion.

6 Hours of Fishing

$375.00 per trip up to 4 total 0n Kaw  trip price is for 1 to 4 persons, 4 person maximum per trip.  That's the total fee ... in some cases if you live near me you and your friends will be able to ride to the lake with me saving yourself driving expense as I have a 4 door club cab pickup.

$75.00 Deposit required for all new bookings.
Use Paypal to pay the $75.00 deposit by clicking the "Pay Now" button below


 Maximum is 4 people/trip, 5 if you're counting the boat captain.

























































































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