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Tiny's Catfish Guide Service

Tiny's guide service is now offering guided trips to Kaw Lake located near Ponca City, OK.

We've been catching an average of over 300 lbs per trip this year, 2013. I did lots of trophy trips this winter for Bluecats and we've been really tearing them up. You can see what we've been catching by clicking on Catfishing Photos, For more info go to to see how to book a trip. Just click on "Let's Go Fishing" or "Bookings" and see what dates are already booked and figure out what day will fit your's and my Schedule. A trip to Kaw lake is $450 due to added expenses as it's quite a ways for me to drive. Thanks for the interest in Tiny's Guide Service.

Home #918-352-2953

Cell #918-729-9028


If you would like to book a fishing trip, give me a call at home(918) 352-2953 or if you can't reach me at home call my cell #(918)729-9028 email me at

6 Hours of Fishing

$450 per 1 or 4 people.

$75.00 Deposit required for all new bookings.
Use Paypal to pay the $75.00 deposit by clicking the "Pay Now" button below


 Maximum is 4 people/trip, 5 if you're counting the boat captain.

Additional Information

6 hours of fishing usually takes pretty much all day to complete as I don't count boating or bait catching time as part of the 6 hours fishing time.
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