Tiny's Guarantee for Kaw Lake Only.

You're guaranteed to catch 50 lbs of fish per trip or at least 15 bites, (not per person) or the trip is free. Example 8 fish caught and 7 missed or came off then that counts or if you've got 40 lbs in the boat and a biggun or two got off before we got it netted then that counts also. Guarantee doesn't count on expenses however. Expenses are $75 to Keystone or $150 expenses to Kaw, Eufala or Oologah. That's five 10 pound fish or ten 5 pound fish etc. etc. You may wonder why I'd offer such a guarantee but it's not really that big of a deal. Guiding fishing trips allows me to get much needed exercise and my main goal is to just break even if possible. It'd be nice to make some money but my health goes downhill very quickly if I don't get out. The fishing and visiting actually helps keep my mind off my pain so it's a win/win.

If I put you on fish and you fail to hook & land over 15 missed fish then the guarantee doesn't apply. That includes fish caught as well so if you've caught 7 fish and gotten another 8 bites that didn't get landed then I've done my job and put you on the fish. I've actually worked my tookus off for two guys that would start sandbass fishing off the front deck and when they'd get a hit on the catfish poles they would take their time getting to them and they also tried to get others to come unhooked by pulling hard and letting them coast giving them lots of slack and whatever else and missed over 18 good hard hits on top of catching a little over 40 lbs of fish. and they rewarded all that hard work with $50 which didn't even cover gas expenses. This same guy emailed me that evening wanting to book another trip... you can imagine the response he got.  Thanks a lot, Sajeeve!

I've also had people come out and strategically kept setting the hook when using circle hooks in order to not catch the 50 lbs of fish and I switched out the circles to setting type hooks and then they quit setting the hook so it was pretty obvious as to what they were trying to do. So these added stipulations are to prevent people from doing that sort of thing... The guarantee is a great thing for folks but I've had my share of folks that'd come out and try to take advantage of it... lots of them. The guarantee is for those days that the fish just won't bite ... that way you're not stuck with having to pay for any more than expenses on those tough fishing days.


If you want me to teach you how to locate bluecat when we're out on your trip then the guarantee can't be enforced or I shouldn't be held to the guarantee as I'm spending a lot of time teaching fishing tactics that I've learned over the majority of my lifetime and if I'm teaching these things and I don't make it to 50 lbs then I've given a lifetime of experience away and it's happened a time or two. There's not much of a chance that we won't catch 50 lbs of fish but in the event that it does happen and you've requested that I show you how to locate fish and teach you a lot of the aspects of becoming a better fisherman then time is taken that normally wouldn't be in order to show you the full range of fishing techniques. So in this instance the 50 lb guarantee can't apply but we'll discuss this as a lot of people just want to go fishing and aren't concerned with me showing them how but there are a few locals that do want to know how to do it themselves. There's been only a couple of times that I've not gotten paid after teaching them how to locate fish for themselves. The one day fishing fee isn't much to pay for the kind of information that I can show an individual. So, be sure to ask me to show you how to locate fish before we start and I'll do whatever I can to show you how to locate fish for yourself as it's easy to do when you know what to look for and where to look. When we start the day off just tell me that you want to learn how to locate fish and that's all I need to know.

If you've booked a day and rain is in the forecast we can either postpone the trip or give it a try if it's not too bad. If we get out there and we've not caught 50 lbs of fish and we get rained out or driven off the lake by thunderstorms, we'll go back to the ramp and get in the vehicles and try to let it pass but if we see that it's not going to let up then the guarantee does not apply. I'll have the full amount of expenses and if it's clearly possible that I can meet the 50 lb minimum guarantee with the time left to fish then the guarantee is voided. When there's rain and thunderstorms predicted the time to cancel is the day before the trip or the morning before I leave my house. I must be allowed the full 6 hours of fishing time, in other words.

I don't think this will come up but in case it does, this doesn't mean 50 LBS of fillets, it means 50 LBS of live, still kicking, flopping around fish.

A party has to give me the full 6 hours of fishing time to reach the 50 lb minimum. Boating time and bait catching time doesn't apply towards fishing time also so if you have to go in early then the guarantee doesn't apply. It usually takes about 8 to 9 hours to get 6 hours of fishing time in.

Someone asked if I fillet the fish even if we don't catch the 50 lbs and the answer is, Yes. If you have any questions at all about the guarantee, I encourage you to contact me via tsmith03@sbcglobal.net or call me at (918) 352-2953 or my cell at (918)729-9028

I reserve the right to refuse service for any reason.

Other important information:

Lost fishing poles due to someone letting go of the rod or something like that varies as to the expense required to replace the rod and reel. I use Abu Baitcast reels mostly and some are 6000's and others are 7000's with a few Shakespeare Reels. Rods are the Shakespeare Catfish Rods which are $29 and one Shakespeare Tiger Lite which is $60. The Abu 6000's are $59 and the 7000's are $139. About the only way I'd charge anyone for a rod and reel is if they decided they wanted to try to cast one of the rods and end up throwing the whole rod in the lake and then me not being able to retrieve it. Or if someone was drinking and just let go of the rod while a fish was on. Things like that.

The Deposit of $75 is a fee that is charged so that it will insure that the clients will show up at the designated time and date. Due to people holding dates for a few months and then canceling the trip just a day or two before the trip, I decided that I had to start charging a deposit because of this as it'd knock me out of 1/3rd of my work week when they did this as there's not enough time to rebook the trip just a day or two in advance so the $75 is forfeit in this situation. Booking fees are forfeit if the trip is cancelled less than 2 weeks in advance of the booking. 

I take off during the summer months from mid May to mid September so that I can rest and heal up.