About Tiny

I grew up fishing Keystone Lake with my Grandfather and other relatives. I became disabled due to an oilfield injury and then heart trouble later on. I spend about as much time fishing as I possibly can. I grew up in North Central Oklahoma where there are a wealth of fishing environments to keep a young man busy.

I started fishing Keystone Dam after my disability where I could access it fairly well since it was a public fishing area and developed lots of techniques for fishing high traffic area such as Keystone dam. A lot of my fishing methods were featured in In-Fisherman's Catfish In-Sider in several issues. I also became the 2001 Oklahoma State Casting Champion. My longest recorded cast in competition was 258 yards. I used this longcasting ability to fish at Keystone Dam and I'd get other people to reel the fish in for me when I could and I'd photograph them and put them on my web site's Today's Catch page. This would allow me to fish a lot longer as my physical ability to reel fish in wasn't all that great but I could cast all day long if I had someone to reel the fish in for me.